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Yoga for first responders and their families


Thank you for your interest in our yoga program. Our providers will help you
strengthen your mind, body and soul through these ancient practices. The six instructors available create yoga approachable, simple and easy to understand regardless of your experience level. All of our instructors are highly qualified individuals with experience
working with first responders and many have family within the community.

Below, you will find our offerings and information about
how to schedule your first session.


The Iverson Foundation sponsors 12-weeks of once-weekly private yoga sessions to first responders. This is a $600+ value. We feel that yoga and meditation are extremely valuable mental health resources, but unfortunately, these services are not covered by most insurance plans. IFAA sponsors your first 12 weeks of classes so that you have time to learn tools to help with mobility, strength, injury recovery, sleep, stress management, and more. Over the course of these 12 sessions, we hope you discover the benefits of regular yoga practice and the power of slowing down and checking in with yourself regularly. We understand that due to the ever-changing nature of most first responder’s schedules, regular weekly classes aren’t always an option.

We will work with you and be flexible with your schedule!


There is a once-weekly FREE session for first responder spouses and significant other’s hosted by Kendall Wood, IFAA’s yoga program manager. This is a 60-minute session that combines 30 minutes of discussion/community building and 30 minutes of yoga. It’s a supportive, non-judgmental community
that you can tap into for support when your partner is away.

Reach out to Kendall via
for more information on this class and to access the zoom link.


IFAA extends an offer of 6-weeks of once per week private yoga sessions to the spouse, significant other, or immediate family of any first responder. While our first responders are out in the field, we’re holding down the home front. This can be a fast-paced, stressful environment that comes with its own unique challenges. We hope yoga will give you a self-care tool to tap into and that this one hour a week will remind you that you are valuable and deserve the best care!


Meet the instructors


Kendall Wood

Kendall is the Yoga Program Manager for IFAA and the founder of She is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (500-RYT) and Yoga Therapist in Training with over 1800 hours of teaching experience. Kendall and Ashley worked collaboratively to create IFAA’s yoga program in the fall of 2019. Kendall is also an instructor and private contractor with CalFire South Training Center at Ben Clark in Riverside, CA and CalFire’s Training Center in San Diego, CA where she teaches yoga at their fire academies.

As the significant other of a firefighter herself she is deeply passionate about bringing health and wellness resources to first responders and their families. She has seen first hand that these tools can help first responders live happier, healthier lives and perform optimally on the job. She loves to help her clients learn tools to improve their sleep, manage stress and improve their overall ability to relax after demanding days on the job! She loves to work with clients one on one to meet them where they’re at and teaches practices that will fit your unique needs!


Amelia Bachitar

Amelia Bachtiar Jones (she/her) – RYT 500 is a community-oriented, wellness entrepreneur focused on bringing holistic, inclusive, and integrative yoga practices to individuals across the lifespan. She is the co-founder of A&E Wellness, a private and corporate wellness business, alongside her husband.

As a yoga and leadership educator, Amelia is passionate about supporting people to become their best selves through holistic modalities of the mind and body. She loves educating her clients that there is more to yoga than asana (postures). Amelia has had the opportunity to teach people from the ages of 3-95 years old.

Amelia has been teaching yoga for the IFAA since February 2020; she has found joy in teaching trauma informed yoga to firefighters. Through her experience, she has learned the value of instilling yogic tools and mindfulness techniques in order to create balance and inner peace in their life’s work as first responders. She is honored to be in service to them through yoga.


Rebekha Wolf

I am an Intuitive guide, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Yoga Therapist in training. I want you to know, I genuinely care about your wellbeing. I want you to feel clear, connected and most of all loved. I want you to know I’m here to help, support and empower you in your transition back to your most authentic, raw, vulnerable, heart centered and balanced self.

My yoga journey began in 2006 and after 4 years of practice a debilitating back injury stopped me in my tracks and led me to re-evaluating my life. My journey to healing through yoga began. It opened my eyes to the many different types of asana yoga practices as well as living yoga off my mat. With diligence, patience and perseverance of balance in life I avoided back surgery and healed myself, on my terms. It was an Empowering part of my journey, leading me to want to share these tools and practices with others hoping they too will be inspired and empowered along their journey.

Rebekha has been with IFAA since early 2021.


Alli Houseworth

Alli Houseworth is a RYT-500, certified Warriors at Ease yoga, iRest instructor, and Yoga Therapist in training with a passion for teaching trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness practices to veterans and first responders. For two years she’s taught iRest to soldiers in the Recovery Care Unit at Schofield Army Barracks – an extensive reconditioning program for soldiers suffering from visible and invisible injuries. While the work she does can be quite heavy, Alli prides herself in her highly educational yet light and fun-loving approach.

Alli has been with IFAA since December 2020.



I’m Pearl, and I love helping people slow down and observe the little things in life and in yoga. My passion is holding space for people to listen to their bodies, connect to their inner truth, and gain intuitive wisdom and insight to better help themselves. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for 6 years in addition to being a stress management coach, sleep coach, and master of chill.

Pearl began her work with first responders teaching to firefighters at San Diego City’s Pacific Beach Fire Station where she still works today! She has been with IFAA since January 2020.


Tracy Aleksic

Yoga therapist, experienced yoga teacher, entrepreneur, writer, humanitarian, and unshakable optimist. Tracy discovered her love for Yoga and holistic living methodologies in 1998 and studied meditation traditions all over the world. She authored and hosts yoga teacher training, teaches kids yoga through the Vista Unified School District, and instructs yoga therapeutics to first responders like police officers and firefighters. She also co-created Yoga for The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center Disease at the Barrow Neurological Institute. Growing up Tracy was passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: yoga, travel, literature, anthropology, psychology, music, science, art history, spirituality, and philanthropy, just to name a few. She realized the unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability, especially when curating life-enhancing Food, Wine, and Wellness Retreats. For as long as Tracy could remember, she was curious about human potential. She wanted to know what made people fulfilled. Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances? She learned how to embody a vibrant life and founded Radiant Centre to help you do the same.


Breathe through the darkness


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