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It is our mission to raise awareness of the mental and emotional state within first responders community by educating and encouraging the importance of a proactive approach to mental health. Continuing to remove the stigma and shift the culture; encouraging individuals and families to be proactive within the workplace and actively work to improve their mental and emotional health.


Free Yoga for First Responders, 11th Hour Trauma Retreat, Healing Our Own Firefighters and Addiction, Rotary House Retreat, Code Green Campaign, Thrive – Trauma Healing Retreat, Safe Call Now, Resounding Joy, West Coast Post Trauma Retreat. Learn more about first responder mental health and the resources available.

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Your donation will help grow our movement, implement peer support programs within fire departments, and help first responders in need.



Join our FREE yoga programs, offered to all first responders & their families

Since October 2019, IFAA has provided yoga to first responders while at the workplace at no cost. As yoga may not be the first modality a first responder may consider for self care and restoration, yoga could be a beneficial tool to work through potential circumstances they may encounter.


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Check Out Our Events

Join and support our cause by joining us at one of these events.

Free Yoga for First Responders

Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness is proud to sponsor free yoga programs for the first responder community. Yoga is an effective form of mindfulness and physical activity, beneficial to many.
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Virtual Music Therapy

IFAA is in partnership with Resounding Joy is providing virtual music therapy for first responders. More events planned for spouses and children coming soon! Learn More
Virtual May Marathon

IFAA along with many others recognized Mental Health Awareness Month with a month-long, virtual walk, run, and bike marathon to #BreakTheStigma for first responders. Learn More
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