Iverson foundation for active awareness

Bringing the darkness into the light.

Raise Awareness

It is our mission to raise awareness of the mental and emotional state within first responders community by educating and encouraging the importance of a proactive approach to mental health.

Continuing to remove the stigma and shift the culture; encouraging individuals and families to be proactive within the workplace and actively work to improve their mental and emotional health. 


Reduce the Stigma

You are not alone.

IFAA supports 11th Hour Trauma Retreat, Healing Our Own Firefighters and Addiction, Rotary House Retreat, Code Green Campaign, Thrive – Trauma Healing Retreat, Safe Call Now, West Coast Post Trauma Retreat in their efforts to reduce the stigma.

Learn more about first responder mental health and the resources available.


Shift the Culture

A primary IFAA goal is to help reduce mental and behavioral health concerns in first responders through a variety of supportive, sponsored modalities.

What can you do?

Start an awareness program within your agency or start at home with free yoga for first responders and music therapy lessons. Programs are also available for spouses and children.  



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Bringing the darkness into the light. 

Join us in raising awareness, reducing the stigma, and changing the culture.


Schedule Yoga

IFAA is currently sponsoring free yoga classes for first responders and community building yoga classes for significant others. 

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Music Resiliency

IFAA is currently sponsoring free music resiliency classes for first responders and their families. Register today to attend classes.

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Contact Us

We are here for you. Contact IFAA to learn more about available resources and programs for first responder mental and behavioral health.

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The Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness is proud to stand together with other organizations in the fight to support first responder wellness.

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