Reduce The Stigma

You are not alone.

The Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness is working to connect first responders with available resources to reduce the stigma and change the culture. Our mission is to build a strong support system of trust within the workplace, sharing information on proper techniques to dig deep, improving mental health through communication, trust, and love within a peer led environment.

IFAA is not a source for emergency help – in case of emergency call 911.

If you are a first responder in need of assistance, please know that you are not alone. If you, or someone that you know, is having suicidal thoughts please contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

For 24-Hour confidential, comprehensive, crisis referral for public safety and emergency response personnel and their families contact
SafeCallNow at 206-459-3020.


The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat

The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat specializes in First Responder PTSD and PTSI care. This intensive program utilizes cutting edge techniques to help individuals process information and reduce the stress associated with past experiences.

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Healing Our Own

Healing Our Own is a program that maintains a comprehensive website of First Responder resources for dealing with PTSI and PTSD along with first hand accounts of indiviuals that have struggled and have overcome.

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Firefighters and Addiction offers insightful information into the connection between First Responders and addiction, specifically alcohol addicition, and how to find the support needed to overcome this challenge.

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Rotary House Retreat

The Rotary House Retreat is a six-day intensive outpatient retreat designed specifically for First Responders to learn and practice new coping skills to address anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of PTSI and PTSD.

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Code Green Campaign

The Code Green Campaign is a First Responder oriented mental health advocacy and education organization with the goal of raising awareness regarding PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

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Thrive – Trauma Healing Retreat

The Thrive Trauma Healing Retreat helps first responders struggling with Post Traumatic Stress by providing an intensive opportunity for clients to address their trauma history in a safe and supportive environment.

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Safe Call Now

SafeCallNow provides a 24-hour confidential, comprehensive crisis referral service for all public safety and emergency responsder personnel and their families nationwide.

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Resounding Joy

Resounding Joy enhances the human experience with theraputic applications of music. We uplift individuals and families, helping them achieve their goals, and support health and wellness throughout the community. 

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West Coast Post Trauma Retreat

IFAA is proud to have been able to pledge $20,000 to the West Cost Post Trauma Retreat in 2019. The goal of this retreat is to help first responders regain control of their lives through a new perspective on stress and coping.

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